Hey, guys! if you have

Hey, guys! If you have no idea what SMOLNY is, read my final piece of writing and you will understand everything ))) Our professor told us to creat “somethig about food based on texts we had read”, I came home and wrote ONE MORE STORY ABOUT MUSHROOMS”. Why not? Food is a realy dangerous thing and a fascinating topic for reflection (and sometimes it can cause hallucinations). Maybe, one day I’ll be ashamed of this text but now I do like it!

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PPS: this photo was taken at the Smolny Halloween party

One more story about mushrooms

Once I was walking in the nearest forest of my dreams and my thoughts, which were really glorious. I met a girl there and even wanted to talk. But she appeared to be busy, she was arguing hot. There was a fly agaric in front of her lips, and it was trying to convince her to take just one nip. It proudly told her:
Do you feel this delicious and adorable smell? Ive heard it can perfect a memory. Well, you should only inhale this scent every time when you are reading or writing and itll help your mind.
But the intelligent child answered:
Enough! Im used to reading papers. How much dollars have you paid for this staff? Flavor industry prospers, and everyone knows the secret techniques. Ive tasted an ice-cream with the smell of olives.

FA: How dare you?! Im a respectable fungus: look at my bright head thats as red as tomatoes!
G: I consider your cap is really attractive but to my mind, this color is rather aggressive.
FA: I can turn it in a blue one or green if you like. Im ready to follow the fashion. Its life.
G: What? Are you hallucinatory furthermore? Good bye, my mum said that addiction is the worst thing in the world!
FA: You have misunderstood me. However, you know, you make a mistake refusing to face illusion at all. Such wonderful colors and palatable dreams can solve many problems and evolve fantasy.
G: Im not too naïve to be on a pink cloud and doubt my mothers belief.

FA: Do not take it so seriously, it was just a joke. But we can choose philosophical way if you want. For example, David Hume1 noticed the great resemblance between mental and bodily taste. Buying food, base on its beauty but not on your waist!
G: Oh, yes. Brillat-Savarin2 defined eating as reflective aesthetic experience. But I might enjoy clothes and not like materials.
FA: Ive got it! You just arent pleased of my style. However, its essential to think about health for a while. Are you vegetarian, baby? Do you like meat? It contains necessary elements that you need. Actually, mushrooms are rich in vital proteins too. You can save both animals and your wellness without any tools.
G: I know, but if it is growing near the road as you are, then such food is full of dangerous toxins that can harm.

FA: Oh, my God! A little trail in the forest isnt a city highway. If you fear to poison, you can cook anyway. Ask your mum to cut mushrooms and froze them. Then you should fry little pieces and a meal is off-the-shelf! You can eat it without any worries yourself and sell a product for earning money as well. Itll be a new era of nutritious and tasty fast-food. You will be as famous as a world-class French cook.
G: You know, I am not fond of fries. They are fat, not easily assimilable, and over-priced. Moreover, I dont dream of being a cook and dont like salesmen in my neighborhood. I want to be a detective and search for lawbreakers, who cheat little children and violate legislation. Childhood memories, smells, and food have a great impact on peoples life attitude. Ill have remembered your flavor and your look till my death to tell woodland residents about this mess.
The fly agaric started to swear, but clever girl didnt listen to him anymore, just responded Good bye, and quickly came home. I was reassuring my poor mushroom about an hour. It simply wanted attention and not to be sour.
1 David Hume (1711-1776) a philosopher, historian, economist, and author of an essay Of the Standard of Taste
2 Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826) – lawyer and politician, gastronome, and author of a book The Physiology of Taste